Welcome! Pull a book from the shelf

Welcome! As you might be able to tell from the 26 books above, I've been building this site for a long time. It's been assembled piece by piece since I first learned html in 1995. Originally it just had a few photos of my friends as well as famous artists I liked. When I graduated college, I expanded it to include my resume and portfolio, and then I just kept adding more and more stuff.

There's still information about artists, such as John Singer Sargent, and lots of photos, which now include my wife Rachel and daughter Sienna. But now there are over a hundred book reviews on the site, as well as lists of my favorite movies, tv shows, music, books, and comics. There's even a list of the best time travel movies. When I moved to New York in 2003, the site grew to incorporate my love of the city - New York photos, bookstores, architecture, and celebrity sightings. I've expanded my portfolio to include caricaturing, illustration, and my sketches. And in 2013, I started cataloguing my UX critiques of web sites and products.

Browsing the site will also give you some insight into how I became interested in the topic of my 2010 nonfiction book, The Secret Peace: Exposing the Positive Trend of World Events. It incorporates my interest in history, critical thinking, and nonviolence. Please check out the Secret Peace blog, and you can read parts of the book for free on Amazon. You can also follow me on Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, and Quora.

Hope you enjoy the site!
Jesse Richards